WPS Compliant Employee Salary Account

BFC Payments offers the most innovative digital salary account facility for your employees in compliance with the Wage Protection Scheme (WPS) initiative of LMRA and CBB guidelines. You can now on-board your company as a WPS compliant business and start paying your employee salaries digitally! 

WPS ensures maintaining proper salary records in the regulatory systems.

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Benefits for the Employees

  • Salary withdrawal facility from 50+ BFC Branch locations across Bahrain, open every day of the week with multi-lingual staff to cater your employees.
  • Digital Money Management Facility through BFC Pay App – for sending money back home, bill payments and P2P payments.
  • BFC Payments salary account is the best way for the safe storage of hard-earned money.
  • Allows employees to have zero balance in their accounts with no penalty.
  • Facility to withdraw the whole amount credited as salary in any denominations, including coins.
  • One-stop-shop to withdraw salaries and send money.
  • No deductions from the employee & the entire service is offered to the employee on a free of charge basis.
  • Salary Account statements.
  • BFC Pay Mobile Application provides convenience on the go for viewing salary credit, send money instantly and retrieve statements.

Benefits to your company

  • WPS Compliant Salary Accounts and Payment System.
  • Eliminate large queues of employees waiting to receive their salary.
  • Helps to avoid risk of cash handling during the salary period.
  • Email notification to payroll managers on salary release.
  • Easy process for addition or removal of employees.
  • Salary records archive.
  • Safest Method of Salary Distribution during the pandemic – clean and secure branch environment with queue management.

Easy Steps for Enrolment


BFC Payments registers your company & opens salary account for your employees after completing necessary KYC procedures as per CBB guidelines.


During salary period your company sends employee information and consolidated payments to BFC Payments.


BFC Payments credits individual employee accounts held with BFC Payments with the corresponding amount provided in the salary file.


Employees receive their salaries in their BFC Salary Account Wallets.


Employees can view their salary credited on their BFC Pay App and send money to their home country instantly OR they can walk in to any of the 50+ BFC branches in Bahrain to withdraw their salaries in cash and/or send money home.

For assistance, call us on +973 1700 4548 or email at business@bfcpayments.com

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