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About our Holding Company

BFC Group Holdings W.L.L. (BFC Group) is the principal owner of a group of companies specialising in global money transfers, foreign exchange and wholesale currency services. Parented by the Islamic Financial Service Group Bank Alkhair B.S.C. (C), BFC Group was established as a Shariah-compliant organisation in January 2008. The history of the companies that are incorporated under the Group date back over 100 years, with Bahrain Financing Company (BFC) first trading in Bahrain as a gold bullion and currency exchange. Today, the Group includes a fully licensed Bank in the UK and an international network of money exchanges with over 135 branches across 5 countries. The Group’s EzRemit money transfer product extends its worldwide reach with Agents in over 30 countries and over 46,000 different locations.

About BFC Payments

BFC Payments B.S.C. (C) is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) as an Ancillary Service Provider with permitted activities of Card Processing and Payment Service Provider. This newly formed entity is affiliated with a century-old business and is fully owned by BFC Group. With a vision to become one of the leading electronic payments and FinTech solutions companies in Bahrain, BFC Payments offers pioneering electronic payments solutions that give clients and end users peace of mind and security.

BFC Payments digital salary solution is fully compliant of the Wage Protection Scheme (WPS), a new directive being implemented by the Bahrain Labour Market Regulation Authority (LMRA) and Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).

What makes BFC Payments unique?

  • Innovative Product Offering
  • Credibility & Trust
  • Efficient Customer Service
  • Wide Range of Services

Our Values

We provide a full service solution delivered with Care, Trust & Efficiency.

FinTech solutions company
  • We are passionate about understanding our customers and responding in a manner that meets their needs.
  • Knowing we are part of a family who look out for one another.
FinTech Solutions Company in Bahrain
  • We are open, honest, accountable and operate in everyone’s best interest.
  • We work together to create a culture of respect and appreciation for all.
electronic payment solutions
  • We work hard, looking for ways to improve our operations through creativity and innovation.
  • Building a professional multi-cultural team, to connect with our customers.

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