BFC Travel (Launching Soon)

Travel Cards are available for both business and individual users. These Multi-Currency cards use PIN-based security to offer safe and secure payments for your entire team worldwide. The cards are re-loadable prepaid cards, widely accepted globally and available in a selection of different currencies.

Benefits for Business Users

  • Eliminates time wasting by removing the hassle of processing corporate per diem travel allowances paid in foreign currency
  • Improves ability to monitor budgeting and spending
  • Great solution for employees temporarily assigned to overseas locations who cannot open local bank accounts to receive their salaries
  • Allows employers to lock in exchange rates and insulate against currency fluctuations
  • Can be reloaded online through BFC Payments app

Benefits for Individuals Users

  • Replaces foreign currency notes
  • Allows travellers to budget better
  • Fixed Exchange Rates, free from currency fluctuations
  • No need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Access to loyalty schemes and merchant benefits from card schemes
  • Can be reloaded online through BFC Payments app

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