Mobile Wallets

At BFC Payments we endeavour to provide the latest cutting-edge FinTech solutions in Bahrain. BFC Payments App is a first of its kind Digital Wallet App in Bahrain which allows you to tokenize and link your BFC Pay Card and any other Debit or Credit Card. It also has an e-wallet on which you can load money directly using your existing Debit or Credit or Prepaid Card. The BFC Payments App is open for all residents of Bahrain having a valid Smartcard regardless of who they bank with and the sign-up process takes less than 2 minutes.

BFC Payments App is also a standalone solution for Wages Protection System (WPS). It allows companies to go live and process online salary payments on the e-wallet directly. BFC Payments App is easily paired with BFC Multi-Currency Travel Card allowing the wallet to be used instead of card at select merchant locations.

Download the New BFC Payments App

New BFC Payments App Android
New BFC Payments App iOS

Key Features

  • Each wallet can hold multiple accounts.
  • Multiple payment options including integration with Debit/Credit Cards, bank account and merchants.
  • Move money from one currency to another within your wallet.
  • Pay for goods and services locally or internationally.
  • Remit money efficiently overseas.

Benefits to Corporates / Merchants

  • Reduce Costs with the ability to receive payments digitally and reducing your cash dependency.
  • Digitisation of your finances gives you more control and flexibility.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Provides micro businesses with a credit history which can be used to qualify for small loans.

Benefits to Individuals

  • Ability to hold surplus salary without the need for a bank account.
  • Pay for goods and services in person through local Bahrain kiosk bill payment and cash dispensing networks.
  • Make P2P payments directly to other digital wallet holders.
  • Send money overseas directly from the App.
  • Individual wallet holders can establish a credit history to qualify for small loans.