BFC Payments App FAQs

What is BFC Payments App?

BFC Payments App is a platform that allows users to manage Cards and e-Wallet offered to BFC Payments customers.

Who can download and use the BFC Payments App?

BFC Payments App is open to download from the Android Playstore or the App Store for all residents of Bahrain. You will need to register for other BFC Payments products separately. To register for BFC Payments products, please call our Customer Service team at +973 1771 1775 for more details.

What are the functionalities of the BFC Payments App?

You can use the BFC Payments App to
• View your e-Wallet account balance anytime, anywhere
• Transfer money to other e-Wallets maintained by BFC Payments instantly
• Request and receive money from other e-Wallets maintained with BFC Payments
• View statement of recent transactions

How can I link my BFC Pay payroll Card/e-Wallet account to the BFC Payments App?

The App automatically links all existing BFC Payments card and e-Wallet products you have registered for using secure and safe authentication method.

Are there any fees/charges associated with transactions on the App?


Are there any transaction limits on my BFC Payments mobile App?

For wallet to wallet transactions, the below limits will apply
• Max per transaction limit: BD500
• Max no. of transactions per day: 10
• Max daily transaction limit: BD1000

Will I be able to see my transaction history?

Yes. You can view your recent transactions in the Notifications section.

My user id is locked. How can I unlock my ID?

For unlocking your ID, please call BFC Payments Customer Service Centre at +973 1771 1775

I have a dispute/complaint. How do I raise the concern with BFC Payments?

All complaints should be lodged by sending an email to: or by calling BFC Payments Customer Service Centre at +973 1771 1775

What can I do if I have additional question?

For any further inquiries, please contact us on +973 1771 1775